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We work with 澳洲卓越翻译 (Australia Best Translation Pty Ltd) offer accurate medical translation services to different medical professionals worldwide. We make it our mission to reduce the burden on the part of our medical professionals when it comes to documenting their patient interactions.

We are also offering insights to people who are looking to start their medical transcriptionist careers. This way, they know what to expect especially from the growing industry.

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Challenges Of Medical Transcription Industry

Clinics are now getting the help of professional transcriptionists to ensure the quality of documentation in their patient-doctor interactions. This can also lessen the work required for the doctors and let them focus on what is important and that is to provide the proper medical attention to their patients.

For those companies that are looking to offer medical transcription services, it is not exactly an easy niche. There are a lot of challenges that might come your way. Here are some of the things you might want to anticipate.

Low Quality of Transcription

Many companies don’t even hire in-house employees but operate by having a bunch of freelancers who are willing to transcribe the audio for their clients. However, this could lead to quality issues. It can result in more mistakes along the way which could harm the clients and the accuracy of the documentation.

To solve this problem, the company or agency must conduct training for their freelancers or even hire employees. By making the clients happy, it becomes easier to get repeat customers and even get recommended to other clinics.

Getting Clients

The medical transcription industry is quite saturated. This is something that a lot of starting agencies don’t realize. Offering your services to clinics that don’t have a medical transcriptionist tends to be challenging at times. You might want to make your fees competitive if you are serious about convincing clinics to avail of your services.

The only problem is hiring someone qualified who has lots of experience for a small amount. That’s when outsourcing can come in handy. You can hire someone from a place that has a low cost of living. Instead of hiring someone from North America, why not hire someone from Eastern Europe or Southeast Asian countries?

Dealing with accents

One of the hardest things about medical transcription is that you will have to deal with different accents. Some accents are thick and hard to understand. It might even be a good idea to hire someone from that country to be able to transcribe everything accurately.

Finding someone knowledgeable about the medical field

Hiring is another issue because you want to hire someone very knowledgeable about the medical profession. You need someone who might even be a practicing nurse or doctor who is simply looking for an extra income. Some medical transcription companies stick with non-medical professionals who are trained to be able to accurately transcribe medical terms. Though you can save in the long run, it is still a risky move because there is a higher chance that they can make mistakes.


You also want to market your agency or your medical transcription company if you wish to get as many clients as possible. A bit of social media marketing is a good way to get started. At times, you might even have to call the clinics in your area and see if they are interested in having a medical transcription company or agency as a partner.

Medical transcription as an industry is tough and can even be considered a cutthroat niche. But with the right approach, it is possible to find success.

Why Every Clinic Needs to Do Medical Transcription

Medical transcription as a career took off in the last decade. Doctors are now looking at the possibility of lessening the documentation work by hiring medical transcriptionists to do the job for them. But is it necessary?

For medical professionals who are trying to do research, this is a necessity because it allows them to just read what transpired during the actual assessment without the need to watch the video or listen to the recording. It can also guarantee anonymity on the part of the patient because the names can be edited out.

Since the pandemic, more people are doing teleconsultation. This allows the doctors to assess the patients without the need to go to their office. And because of this, there is a need to have a medical transcriptionist to transcribe these videos to be able to ensure that the doctor is going to take note of what transpired during the assessment. It can also be used as a file that can be passed to other doctors especially if it requires the help of other specialists.

There are many reasons why every clinic needs to have a medical transcriptionist. For those who are looking to lessen the cost, they can always have it outsourced.

Difficult Things You Need to Address As a Medical Transcriptionist 

Starting a medical transcriptionist career might sound like a good idea, but it requires dedication to learn. You might find yourself frustrated because you can’t understand the clip no matter how many times you play it.

If you are planning to become a medical transcriptionist, there are a lot of things that you will have to address. There are instances when it is important to know what is expected from the job. Medical transcriptionists will have to deal with listening to different accents and terms that might not seem common to an untrained person. A lot of medical transcriptionists are also medical professionals who are familiar with terms that might appear in the voice recordings.

There is no denying that there is a demand for medical transcriptionists all over the world today. Clinics prefer to have someone transcribe the interaction because it becomes less work for them. It also helps clinicians review their findings and present it to their colleagues and even medical students.

The thing with the transcription industry is that it is now being outsourced. It is also something that might not seem favorable to many transcriptionists since it can cheapen their work.

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