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Medical Translation Articles

And Another Thing...

WHY does John Howard believe funding medical equipment in the future is more important than funding it now to reduce hospital waiting lists?

Making Cancer Commit Suicide

DAVID VAUX from La Trobe University is one of the world's most respected medical researchers who once listed "gossiping" as his hobby in a conference profile.

Nicci Helps Build $28mil World Medical Program

HUMANITARIAN group Medecins Sans Frontieres was raising only $500,000 a year in Australian donations when Helensburgh's Nicci Dent joined as fundraising director.

Career Change

TAKESHI KANESAKA Master's in interpreting and translation, UNSW

We're Lost In Translation

Communication is the beginning of all understanding, so wouldn't a common language give us hope for better intercultural understanding? By working with the well-tested common language, Esperanto, we could help to bring about understanding, friendship and peace.